Ormiston Rivers get the opportunity to promote their local area through film making

Louise Judge, the Assistant Principal of Ormiston Rivers gave us this account which includes quotes from students who were involved:
“I was approached by a local councillor about the possibility of our students undertaking a video project for the local area. They offered me a local ‘expert’, Doug MacEwen, that could help us with the locations and lists of organisations that we could visit. I jumped at the chance, as our geography department is predominantly made up of Irish teachers, therefore our local knowledge of the area has been limited and it was always something that I wanted to feature more heavily in our KS3 curriculum. I recruited a local volunteer to the school who was such a great help in making this project a success. Funding from the Ormiston Trust ensured this project could go ahead as all students could visit each location and undertake their filming.”

‘I really like seeing places that I hadn’t visited before in the Dengie and I loved researching the different places’. Tilly-Rae Grindley-Milner.

“The next step was to engage and challenge the students. The project was opened to all year 7’s in the form of a competition. Students had to write a 1000-word essay answering the question ‘Local historical and geographical investigations are important because….’ Students were then selected based on their response and represented the year group with this project.”

‘My IT skills are rubbish so this experience has been great. I also loved researching geography and history in my local area’. Aaliyah Simpson.

“An after school group was set up and 100% attendance was required to keep your place; students would be fired ‘Alan Sugar style’ if they missed this important element! One student even stopped the bus (as he had forgotten) and ran all the way back to school just to stay part of the group!”

‘Our teachers really pushed us, when scripts were not well researched or when the quality of our written communication was poor, they really challenged us to re-write it to a more professional standard, it was really challenging’. Molly Kirkham

“Script writing was coming along nicely and students practiced recording some footage on the Academy’s iPhone. It didn’t go too well and panic did set it (with the teachers!) We needed some expert help with the editing and recording side of the project. One of my colleague’s partners was a video editor who gave his time freely on the project. The students had two sessions with him; one to introduce himself and then a ‘how to’ session which the students raved about. It also helped that he had recently worked on a James Bond set! The other session was when the students had started to edit and he took them through the process and helped to get them on the road to editing. His company has been so helpful throughout the whole process.”

‘Teamwork and working with students that I wouldn’t normally talk to was great. I really got to improve my communication skills’. Anthony Cleary.

Our local volunteer came up with the idea to have some testimonials at the end of the video, so students started to think about interviewing local people and with a letter they wrote, the Major and Principal were roped in. We also got to travel by boat up the River Crouch visiting more places from the water.
Students finalised the video and it was played at our annual awards evening, the students were beaming, everyone involved is super proud of the final video which you can see below!”

‘I really improved my confidence skills as before this project I hated talking in public, during the video I even recorded speaking on some of the commentary’. Tom Goodship.

James is the Chief Executive officer of Ormiston Trust. He has worked as an organisation advisor in the private, public and voluntary sectors, helping organisations to grow sustainably over the medium to long term. He has helped charities for over 20 years in the fields of strategic development, partnership setup, programme and project delivery.

Poppy is the Youth Engagement and Partnership Officer at Ormiston Trust, responsible for coordinating our team of Young Advisors and developing effective working relationships with external organisations. She is currently studying ‘Politics, International Studies and Global Sustainable Development’ at Warwick University and previously worked as Board Advisor for a non-profit youth-focused organisation in Croydon. She has experience in activism work – attending COP26 with environmental education company Force of Nature and had been a member of the UK Youth Parliament for many years, speaking on environmental issues in the House of Commons for its ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign.

Genéa is the Communications and Events Coordinator at Ormiston Trust. She plays an integral role in overseeing the communications and media strategy – along with leading the content development for internal and external comms and PR across the Trust and the #WeWill programme. As well as supporting all event planning across campaigns, including the delivery of comms workshops with the Youth Advisory Council. 

She has worked predominantly in broadcasting PR, comms and editorial and now works as a narrative designer alongside her work since completing her MA in Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins. 

Fiona is the Grants Assistant at Ormiston Trust and in her role she supports the Grants team. Previously, she worked in the City for 10 years, firstly as a dealer on the floor of the London Stock Exchange and then as an equity salestrader.  

Samia is a business and ICT Teacher with over 20 years of leadership experience in Education, working with leaders from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5. Her experience has ranged from working as an Acting Head Teacher to a Deputy for an Education Trust. Some of the key highlights from her education career have included building schools and setting up education provisions, including a teaching school, and winning several National awards. Samia is passionate about ensuring the young people in her care have the best possible experience and has always led by example by sending her own children to the schools she has been a part of.

Ray leads the youth engagement, partnerships and fundraising work streams at Ormiston Trust, in particular having strategic oversight of how we as an organisation can embed the voices of our young people in everything we do, and how we can work with partner organisations to maximise shared outcomes and opportunities.

His background is in community project development and funding, having worked with charities, schools, and local authorities in East Anglia to develop a plethora of projects including primary-secondary school transition, award-winning youth amateur theatre, social prescribing in rural GP practices, and youth commissioning boards, for which he was recognised as a Prime Minister’s Point of Light.

Ray is a global health and medicine graduate, alongside his work at Ormiston, he is a hospital doctor and public health academic. He is also an #iWill Ambassador and national #iWill Partnership Board member.

Anne is Finance Manager at Ormiston Trust and has worked for Ormiston Trust for over 30 years, overseeing the property portfolio and asset management. She combines her work at the Trust with voluntary community work and has raised thousands of pounds to enhance leisure and education opportunities for young people in disadvantaged communities. 

Karlene is Finance Manager at Ormiston Trust and has been handling the Financial Management of Ormiston Trust since 2014. Her background is in Financial Services with 20 years working in the industry and she has a passion for systems, processes and spreadsheets to enable good finance management. 

Aneela is the Head of Education at Ormiston Trust. Prior to joining Ormiston Trust, she was Head of Professional Development and School Improvement at Beaconhouse Group, overseeing the professional development of over 8000 teachers and implementing systems for school improvement across 200 international schools, in the Southeast region. Prior to this, she worked at Universities in the UAE, where she taught on the Bachelor of Education and Diploma programmes, and previous to this she was a Lead Advisor for Nord Anglia Education services, working with head teachers and principals to raise educational standards across schools in Abu Dhabi.

Melissa is a Programme Management Officer at Ormiston Trust. In her role she supports the #WeWill programme management, and works closely with the monitoring & evaluation, social action toolkit & skills, and youth engagement teams. She completed her undergraduate degree in International Development at the University of Sussex, and her postgraduate degree in Global Health and Development at UCL. Over the last eight years, she has dedicated much of her time to working with non-profit organisations in the UK, Nigeria, China, and Tanzania.