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Ormiston Trust believes in a future where all children and young people can lead fulfilling lives. Being equipped with the right tools, they can become empowered to make a positive difference on the issues that affect their lives, their communities, and broader society. We know that by partnering with and investing in schools, charities and organisations we can achieve this.

Since 2017 we have been uniting young people with a shared belief in the youth social action movement so that they can create change, by thinking locally or globally to tackle health and safety concerns, food poverty, respect and tolerance, inclusion, diversity and environmental issues. Enabling them to become leaders today.

In 2021, we set ourselves a challenge to build a bigger and bolder movement, with our #WeWill campaign. This will embed, action at scale across over 100 schools across England - to build better youth social action practices across the education sector and to maximise the advantages for students and for those that they serve.

Founded Organisations

Since it began in 1969 Ormiston Trust has founded a further four more organisations: Ormiston Families, Ormiston Academies Trust, Gateway Learning Community and Birmingham Ormiston Academy.

Areas we support

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projects funded since 2015
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in funding granted since 2015
In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ormiston Trust has provided £125,000 for disadvantaged young people to pay for ICT during lockdown.  The Trust has also granted additional funding to Ormiston Families to provide an online counselling service to help young people struggling at home and on their return to school

Where we work

Ormiston Trust is a national charity which funds projects all over the country largely delivered by OAT, BOA, GLC and OF. For a closer look at the location of their services, please look at the full map.

Young people should never be underestimated but they need our help. We seek partners who share our goals to help them realise their hopes and aspirations. Please get in touch!

James Murray,
Chief Executive

[email protected]
0207 266 7940

We are a closed funder and do not offer unsolicited applications for funding. We work strategically with other organisations to identify projects to support.