#iwill youth social action project – Transformation │ Case Studies

Year funded: 2019/2020
Academy/Organisation: Ormiston Denes Academy
Area of Focus: Family, community and interpersonal relationships

The ‘Transformation’ project was chosen by students, for the community. Ormiston Denes students have undertaken an ambitious project to transform the Trams into a beautiful walkway that is safe for the community of Lowestoft. To make the project manageable, it has been divided into a series of sub projects, of ideas generated by students, such as:

  • Improving the security and lighting
  • Making the tramways clean and visibly attractive.
  • Looking at the history and displaying it in an artistic way.
  • External community businesses and charities have supported and are continuing to work with the academy. Students have worked and liaised with the local council to make the project truly a community endeavour!