#iwill Library │ Case Studies

Year funded: 2020/2021
Academy/Organisation: Ormiston Park Academy
Area of Focus: Love of learning and study support

Staff and students at Ormiston Park Academy excitedly celebrated the opening of their new #iwill library.
Back in 2018, when the #iwill campaign was first introduced to the academy, the student steering team had to design a whole project that would create a legacy for Park’s community. With no official library in the academy, the team decided to take over an unassigned room to transform into a librarian’s dream.
The #iwill student steering team set about fundraising to buy the books that would start filling their new bookshelves. They approached their local community for donations, as well as receiving donations from national companies, Book Trust and WHSmith. Ormiston Academies Trust head office even got involved, by running a book drive and encouraging staff to donate books that were gathering dust in their homes. The new library houses 1,500 new books, as well as donations, a brand spanking new suite of technology, and comfortable, innovative reading spaces for the students to enjoy.