Two Teachers at the GLC Gateway Academy receive Pearson National Teaching Awards

Two teachers at The GLC Gateway Academy, an academy supported by our founded organisation the Gateway Learning Community Trust, have won Pearson National Teaching Silver Awards. Lisa Kelly and Ute Steenkamp received these awards in late June this year.  

The Pearson National Teaching Awards are an annual celebration of excellence in education, founded in 1998 by Lord Puttnam to recognise the life-changing impact inspirational teachers can have on the lives of the young people they work with. This is its 22nd year of celebrating teachers, teaching assistants, headteachers and lecturers across the UK.  

It is a tremendous achievement for both members of staff to receive this award. Ms Kelly is the Director of Maths and Science at the academy and works tirelessly to create a challenging and nurturing environment for her students. Her greatest legacy is her ability to inspire students to continue to study Maths at the university level and to become teachers themselves later in life.  

Ms Steenkamp is a Progress Leader and English Teacher at the academy and works hard in her classroom and in the academy to create a nurturing environment to ensure all students are reaching their full potential. Ms Steenkamp also actively makes time to listen to any student concerns and regularly gives back to the local community. 

Both teachers have now been shortlisted to win one of 15 Gold Awards later in the year. The final awards ceremony will be broadcasted on the BBC.  

A fantastic achievement by these two teachers at The GLC Gateway Academy!