Summer Holiday Magazine

Tabletop Gaming has gotten in touch with Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) and Ormiston Forge Academy to share a special magazine for OAT pupils and their families to use over the summer holidays.  

Tabletop Gaming and Ormiston Forge Academy have a previous relationship as last year Ormiston Forge Academy asked the magazine to pick out free games to help ease boredom over the summer holidays. Graciously, instead of simply providing an answer Tabletop Gaming Magazine put together a magazine specifically for the pupils full of games and activities. 

The 2021 magazine has over 10 free games for students and families to do over the summer holidays. These range from paper and pen activities, to card games, to a full-scale adventure activity using your whole kitchen table! 

The magazine is free to download from Dropbox and a great way for student and family entertainment over the summer holiday period! For more information about the magazine click here to visit the Tabletop Gaming website.