‘Recovery is a work in progress’ – Liz shares her story seeking help from Ormiston Families

Liz Ellis was a functioning alcoholic for 10 years. But her life spiralled out of control and she found herself in prison for theft, which led to serious mental health issues.

She said: “I was surrounded by drink and couldn’t stop myself, which could only lead to one thing, a breakdown. I lost everything, my home, my husband and my job. My consumption of alcohol was very high and so I stole to fuel my addiction as I wasn’t working. It makes me sad to think now.”

But after a lot of hard work, and help from Ormiston Families, Ms Ellis’ life is now back on track and she wanted to send a message that recovery was possible for World Mental Health Day a few weeks ago. Ms Ellis is marking seven years in recovery from addiction and mental ill health.

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