Ormiston Trust- Our Commitments to the Power of Youth Charter

The Ormiston Trust is an organisation working to improve life chances for young people in communities across the country and is committed to ensuring that young people’s voices and priorities are at the heart of what we do.

As a strong supporter of the #iWill Movement, and a match funder to the#iWill Fund, we firmly believe in the value and benefits of youth social action for our young people and our local communities. 

Currently we are in the process of delivering our multi-million pound #WeWill programme which will enable tens of thousands of students in England to participate in social action projects alongside our regular funding programmes for our schools. We have also established our Youth Advisory Council to bring youth engagement into our organisational structure and are committed to supporting our school communities to facilitate meaningful engagement through the development of toolkit resources.

Therefore, we are proud to become a signatory to the Power of Youth Charter and pledge the following:

1. Prioritise supporting young people to take social action

  • We will have a youth engagement strategy for the organisation and engage young people in multiple aspects of the organisation’s work
  • We will prioritise funding for young people in schools
  • We will ensure a significant focus on youth social action, which emphasises co-creation of plans and projects, with students
  • We will continue to run our Youth Advisory Council and youth advisory sub-groups to inform decision-making both operationally and strategically at the Trust
  •  We will ensure an equal opportunities policy for the Ormiston Trust to ensure all backgrounds and cultures of young people are valued equally and engaged in our work
  • We will emphasise students’ skills development in all aspects of our work
  • We will run training sessions for young advisors to prepare them for their roles.

2. Open up our decision-making structures

  • We will meaningfully engage young people in our grants decision making, monitoring and evaluation, resource design and communications work. Our existing Ormiston Trust Youth Advisory Council and sub-groups are already set up to achieve this aim. 

3. Work collaboratively with other organisations

  • We will identify and engage in partnerships with organisations that share our values and aims to support young people.

4. Evidence the benefits of youth social action

  • We will continue to undertake proportionate monitoring and evaluation of all our programmes to ensure we understand the difference young people are making. 

5. Recognise and celebrate young people's impact

We will continue to celebrate the achievements of young people for instance through:

  • Conferences and events that we and our supported organisations run
  • The annual WeWill week and other key youth impact dates throughout the year
  • Social media posts and case studies reports
  • A youth awards programme plan that is supported by our young advisors

We will review our against these commitments on an annual basis and report back to the Youth Advisory Council and Board of Trustees.