Ormiston Trust’s first film release!

After some considerable planning, we are thrilled to release Ormiston Trust’s first ever film! The aim of the four-minute film, is to encourage collaboration with potential partners and spread awareness of how Ormiston Trust works alongside Ormiston Families and its subsidiary, Ormiston Academies Trust, to help improve the lives of young people and families in the England.

We worked closely with BeInspired films to create a script, plan locations, interview questions and much more. We enlisted the help of students to participate in the filming, but also encouraged students with an interest in media to help behind the camera as well.

An account from Sarah Hackney from Ormiston Sir Stanley Mathews, who helped as a runner on set, can be found here:


An interview with Ormiston Trust’s founder and Chairman, Peter Murray runs throughout the film. We also follow a powerful case study from Luke, as he explains how his life was impacted by the fantastic work of Ormiston Families.

Curious to watch the film? Head to our homepage and press play!