Ormiston Rivers Academy delivers supplies to pupils

Staff at Ormiston Rivers Academy are set to deliver free resources in their ongoing commitment to keeping students kitted out for remote learning. They will operate a mobile resource drop-off where staff will visit every village on the Dengie Peninsula to provide free stationery and resources to those who need it.

The school deployed its school minibus to deliver everything from food to sanitary supplies.

The delivery team included student support advisor Donna Byford and ex-student Harry Simpson, who joined as apprentice student support advisor in September last year.

A total of 400 exercise books, 600 pens, 600 pencils, 200 rulers, 150 protractors, 100 notebooks, 25 rucksacks, 150 pencil sharpeners and 100 erasers were handed out, all free of charge.

The school has also launched a welfare programme with weekly calls to every student to offer mental health and wellbeing support, with more frequent calls available for those who need them.

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