Ormiston Academies: Updates

Another round of exciting updates from Ormiston Academies are listed below!

Ormiston Maritime Academy Ofsted Praise

Ormiston Maritime Academy has been praised by Ofsted for taking action to make improvements and raise standards at the school.

Following an academy visit on June 30th, Ofsted inspectors noted the clear vision and high aspirations the school has for its students. This vision has led to a unified effort to deliver the academy’s plans to improve as a school.

The academy was also praised for effective support provided by leaders as they deliver professional development for teachers, leadership guidance for subject leaders and closely support the improvement plans. They also praised the academy’s commitment to high standards, discipline and inclusivity.

Principal Carrianne Robson, said: “We are thrilled that Ofsted has recognised the hard work, commitment and passion that students, staff, the Trust, our Governors and our wider school community has put in to get Ormiston Maritime Academy to where it is today.

Click here to learn more about the positive feedback Ormiston Maritime Academy received by Ofsted.

Stoke High School Sporting Opportunities 

Stoke High school has new state-of-the-art sporting facilities to encourage students to get involved in new sports and forms of physical activity.

The school has bought a variety of new sporting equipment, including a brand new 5G football pitch and 2 Grand Master Trampolines. Football, trampolining and gymnastics have always been popular sports for students at the school and these new facilities will allow students to continue to participate in their favourite activities and explore different sporting opportunities.

Another part of the school’s commitment of providing students with the opportunity to try different sports and activities students will be able to play basketball on outside courts, use the fitness suites and use the outside gym. Alongside sports, Stoke High School provides a wide variety of enrichment programmes including chess club, crafting and music club.

For more information about Stoke High School visit the Ormiston Academies Trust website. 

Flegg High Ormiston Academy supported by Read Aloud initative

Students at Flegg High Ormiston Academy received a donation from the Norfolk Broads Lions Club to help access reading books as a part of the new “Read Aloud” scheme.

The “Read Aloud” scheme has teachers reading to their Year 7 students daily for twenty minutes to improve literacy, mental health and promote a love for reading.

The Lions Club has supported this initiative by donating money to fund new books for the project. For anyone interested in supporting the school to raise funds for new books there is a Just Giving page here. To read more about the initiative at Flegg High Ormiston Academy, visit the Ormiston Academies Trust website here.