Ormiston Academies: Updates

Various OAT schools have announced exciting updates and developments recently, two of which we’ve outlined below!

Wodensborough Ormiston Academy Ofsted Rating

Last week Wodensborough Ormiston Academy received its first good rating from Ofsted, following a fantastic Ofsted report that focused on the school’s inspirational leadership and exceptional pandemic response.

The report and rating show the culmination of hard work since the school’s original “requires improvement” assessment by Ofsted in October 2016.

The report highlighted various positive attributes about the school senior team, staff and curriculum. This included highlighting the senior team’s “inspirational leadership”, the schools exceptional pandemic response in establishing remote learning and ensuring students had necessary facilities, the “radically improved” structure of the curriculum, the “strong subject knowledge” of teachers and the focus on personal development within the academy.

Ofsted inspectors concluded the school had taken “great strides forward” in recent years.

Principal, Leigh Moore, said: “Everyone at the academy is delighted with this good rating from Ofsted, as it represents the hard work, determination and tenacity of the entire school community in improving standards and empowering students.

To read her full statement and more of the glowing report received by the academy from Ofsted, click here. 

Ormiston Cliff Park Primary New Chapter

In other exciting news last week Ormiston Cliff Park Primary Academy completed its first week as a united School.

The academy was formerly split into Ormiston Cliff Park Infant Academy and Ormiston Cliff Park Junior Academy. This academic year the two academies have come together as one.

This change has allowed even more sharing of resources and expertise between the two former schools and will provide students with a more continuous journey throughout primary school.

The new united academy is very excited about what the future will hold, with the school team led by executive principal Kate Rutherford. In a statement, she said:  “We are all so excited to be part of one, united school, and are delighted at how the first week has gone. The Infant and Junior academies already worked very closely together, but this evolution has allowed a greater sense of community for the school and will provide the best possible experience for both students and staff.

“We are confident that our cohesion as a single school will allow us to proactively build on our positive role in the wider community, which we are always delighted to be an active part of.”

For more information about Ormiston Cliff Park Primary click here.