OAT Academies: Updates

City of Norwich School Diversity with Literature 

At City of Norwich School, the English department received 100 books by BAME authors following their successful entry into the Penguin ‘Lit in Colour’ book giveaway competition.

The competition was created in 2020 by Penguin Books UK and The Runnymede Trust to support schools in introducing more books by people of colour into schools.

Assistant Headteacher, Jean Tillyard was made aware of the initiative by Year 12 student Mimi Ronson and with their successful entry, the books are now available to all students and staff.

Mimi Ronson, Year 12 student said: “I’m thrilled to be part of this push for diversity in literature at CNS. It’s such an integral part of education – yet something that often we forget about. When we read these diverse narratives, it reminds us that they do exist, all around us; recognising them is the first step to achieving true diversity.”

To read more about the new book initiative visit the Ormiston Academies Trust website here.

Ormiston Rivers Academy STEM Challenges

Students at Ormiston Rivers Academy have been inspired by taking part in a range of national and global STEM challenges.

These challenges included maths and computer science competitions and the global Bebras Challenge during their computer science lessons involving completing tasks requiring a diverse skillset.

These challenges have shown students the excitement of STEM and future STEM career paths, supporting the aim of the school to encourage students to consider STEM careers in the future.

To read more about the successes of the students in these STEM challenges, visit the Ormiston Academies Trust website here.

Ormiston Venture Academy Charity appeal 

Students at Ormiston Venture Academy have been supporting other young people globally through their annual shoebox appeal to send items to provide Christmas Cheer for those who are less fortunate through Samaritans “Operation Christmas Child” project.

Students, teachers, staff and parents packed 43 shoeboxes that were delivered to a local dropoff point in Norwich. Participants were delighted to take part and excited to see where their shoeboxes will be arriving, echoing excitement from last year when they went to Romania for Christmas.

With the difficult two years of the ongoing pandemic, students were aware of how much joy these shoeboxes could bring to families over the Christmas period and excited to participate.

To read more about the project visit the Ormiston Academies Trust website here.