OAT Academies glowing Ofsted ratings

Three separate Ormiston Academies- Ormiston Latimer Academy, Ormiston SWB Academy and Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy all received good ratings and high praise in their most recent Ofsted inspections.

Ormiston Latimer Academy, a recent addition to the Ormiston Academies Trust, was commended on creating a positive environment for students where they feel cared for, listened to and supported. Inspectors also found the high expectations staff hold for students impressive and found overall there were various ways the academy provides a strong education for its students.

The report demonstrates the hard work for staff and students in fostering a positive learning environment, that the academy is keen to build on as it continues being a part of Ormiston Academies Trust.

Ormiston SWB Academy also received a good rating from Ofsted and was commended for staff expecting their students to perform to a high standard. Ofsted inspectors focused on the academy’s core values of character, organization and resilience that factor into every aspect of school life.

The report shows how staff and students at Ormiston SWB Academy have overcome challenges and continue to provide the best educational experience for students.

Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy was the last academy to most recently received a good rating by Ofsted. They were commended for students enjoyment attending the academy and staff being ambitious for their pupils. The academy also received an outstanding in the personal development category.

The inspection demonstrates the strength of the curriculum and hard work by the entire academy to offer the best educational experience in a caring school environment.

To read more about the inspections, visit the Ormiston Academies Trust Website here.