Introducing eco-Thursdays: Climate Change and the Power of Schools

Introducing eco-Thursdays!

Every Thursday, we’ll be sharing environment-related news and information about OT schools and the wider world. Climate change will affect us all, but young people have given us so many reasons to hope over the past few years, from the international Fridays for Future movement to local eco #iWill projects around the UK.

Research from 2020 forecasted that if 16% of secondary school students in high- and middle-income countries around the world received education on climate change, the world would see a reduction of 19 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. This was based on a study on the long-term impact of climate education on students’ daily behaviours and professional careers. That would be a reduction of more than the United States’, China’s, and India’s annual emissions combined! What’s more, 77% of adults in the UK support climate change being taught in schools as part of the national curriculum. 

By showcasing the amazing work that students are doing in their schools and communities to make a difference to their local environment, we hope that everyone will stay inspired.