Herman Healthy Heart Assembly

Hearts are pumping at Ormiston Herman Academy!

Children at Ormiston Herman Academy are taking part in the ‘Herman Healthy Heart assembly’. The enrichment consists of:

  • Core strength workout session
  • Long course (1km) or short course (0.5km) run route.

Children can decide how far to run based on how they feel but have a target of 3 runs to complete. Some choose 3 x long course, others 3 x short course and others mix and match as they feel. The only stipulation is that they run and not walk! Staff from Herman Academy run with the students and there is always a ‘sweeper’ to keep the back-markers company.

Assemblies are used to focus on elements that are identified in regular PE sessions. Currently the staff are working with KS1 children to improve ball dribbling skills and LKS2 throwing and catching in preparation for the summer PE curriculum which includes rounders and cricket.