Strategic alignment and buy-in │ Guidelines and Principles

How do the proposed project align with the organisation’s overall key strategic goals and plans, and integrate with existing systems, structures, policies and other activities to maximise impact?

What are we looking for?

We want to learn about how the project align with the overall objectives and plans of your organisation, and how it can fit into existing activities so that the benefits can be maximised, and duplication or displacement can be minimised. We are also looking for an indication that the proposal is supported by senior managers, and that they have been engaged in the developmental process.

Strategic alignment can help improve the long-term sustainability of a project through securing organisational and senior leadership buy-in.

This principle is assessed in the following questions:

  • 3b: Please outline how your project fits, or aligns, with the strategic priorities of your organisation and/or external stakeholders.
  • 4c: Senior management support.

How can this be demonstrated?

  • Support your outline of the project priority and need (Q3a) through referencing relevant organisational strategies and policies from where appropriate.
  • Explain and highlight any other initiatives being developed internally or locally that your project could link into, including if there are confirmed partnerships.
  • Do your project outcomes fit into, and support the aims and aspirations of relevant external strategies or policy frameworks? E.g. Existing enrichment programmes, #iWill Ormiston, #iWill Campaign Six Principles of Quality Youth Social Action etc.