Plan │ Guidelines and Principles

How clear are the proposal’s aims, objectives, activities, timescales, targets, outputs and outcomes?

What are we looking for?

We want to understand how the proposed project will be delivered, through clear and realistic plans.

This principle is assessed in the following questions:

  • 2a: Projects Activities and Milestones Template
  • 2c: What is your project aims and outcomes?
  • 2e: Please explain how participants will benefit from your project.
  • 2f: Will you be working in partnership?
  • 2g: Expected participants

How can this be demonstrated?

  • Clear project timeline with realistic milestones for expected progress. Targets and outputs should relate to your objectives and proposed timescales (2a).
  • The project aim should be made explicit – this is what your overall project will achieve by the end; the aim should be a logical extension from your identified needs and priorities (2c).
  • SMART outcomes which again is linked to the explained project need and priority. Outcomes are specific deliverables, which together, support the overall project aim (2c).
  • The intended benefits to participants and/or the wider community as a result of achieving these outcomes are clearly explained (2d/2e).
  • Description of the partners involved in the project (if any) and how you will work together to realise the project aims/outcomes (2f).

Why is this important?

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has happened” – George Bernard Shaw