GeeWizz Charity Raffle to fundraise for Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy

As mentioned in our post yesterday, the charity GeeWizz is running a raffle to raise funds to expand and add new features to the playground at Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy. 

The raffle is for a painting created by the celebrated artist Maggi Hambling CBE, who has generously donated the painting, “Sunrise”, to the GeeWizz charity. The painting is oil on canvas, 2020, measures 10 x 12 inches and the total framed dimensions are 14 1/4 x 16 inches, as shown below: 

Everyone can have a chance to own the painting through this raffle, which runs until 17th July 2021. The lucky winner will be randomly selected by the GeeWizz CEO Aileen Besberg live on the GeeWizz Instagram @geewizzcharity at 19.00 BST on July 17th 2021.  

Click here to enter the raffle and help support the fundraising efforts for the Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy playground. Good luck!