GeeWizz Charity Funds New Playground at Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy

Last year, the charity GeeWizz raised £400,000 for the creation of a playground at Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy. This year, GeeWizz is raising funds through the raffle of a painting created and donated by celebrated artist Maggi Hambling CBE. The money raised will further expand the playground space, add new outdoor arts related activities and increase its accessibility for pupils in wheelchairs who attend the school.

As the school is attended by children and teenagers across Suffolk with special educational needs and high dependency disabilities, this development is a key step forward in creating an inclusive outdoor space where pupils who attend the school can learn and play safely outdoors.

The funds raised by GeeWizz will be used to expand the playground space into different distinct areas focusing on themes such as music, sensory experiences, forests and farming. These different areas will encourage confidence building and skills development outside of the classroom, whilst also fostering creativity and connection with the nature world around them.

The raffle closes on July 17th 2021 at 18:00 BST, with the winner announced later that day at 19:00 BST on the GeeWizz instagram live (@geewizzcharity). Click here to enter, with tickets priced at £20.00.

The photo below shows the updated plans for the new playground.