Eco-Thursdays: Young People and the Future

This week’s eco-Thursday post is focusing on young people and the future. New research has shown that young people are more anxious about the future of humanity and the planet than ever. In a global survey run by Bath University, with responses from 10,000 people aged 16-25, there were some pretty shocking results on how young people are feeling in relation to the climate crisis: 

  • 60% said they felt very worried or extremely worried
  • Over 45% said feelings about the climate affected their daily lives 
  • 75% said they thought the future was frightening 
  • 56% said they think humanity is doomed 
  • 66% said they felt sad, afraid, and anxious about climate change 

However, there are many reasons to stay hopeful and lots of ways to tackle climate anxiety and fears. Have a look at some below:

  • Read a book about possible solutions to climate change  
  • Get involved with a campaign or activist group in your area (become an iWill ambassador, find a Green New Deal Rising hub near you, look into Friends of the Earth chapters – there are loads of options!) 
  • Write to your MP or local council about what they’re doing about the climate crisis 

There is also an increasing focus on green jobs. Green jobs are jobs which are in a low-carbon sector. This isn’t just renewable energy engineering, it’s also teaching, caring, conservation, healthcare, the arts and lots more. A recent 
article discusses three types of green jobs on the rise among young people: 

  • Green Heating Engineering and Manufacturing  
    • Companies such as Mitsubishi are innovating to develop heating options with low emissions. Traditional gas heating requires fossil fuels and releases carbon dioxide. However, air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps are developing as new alternatives.  
  • Low-Carbon Farming 
    • The agriculture industry is a significant contributor to emissions, water pollution, resource consumption, and biodiversity loss globally. In the UK, innovation is focusing on low-carbon farming with indoor and vertical options being developed with low energy needs. 
  • Offshore Wind Management 
    • In the growing UK industry, there are now more than 26,000 jobs at all levels – from apprentice technicians and engineers to finance and design positions. The government is focusing a huge amount of investment in this area. 

There are so many things we can do to tackle the climate crisis together!