About us


When Fiona Ormiston Murray and her husband tragically died on their honeymoon in 1968, her family were devastated. Fiona had loved children and it was no secret that she was excited about starting her own family. In response the family sought to create a lasting memorial. Her father George and brother Peter, therefore started a charitable trust devoted to enabling children and families to fulfil their potential.’

Ormiston Trust is a grant-making trust that is not open to applications. It works strategically in its areas of interest which are principally with schools and organisations supporting children, young people and families.

“We envision a future where all children and young people can lead fulfilling lives.”


Our mission is to invest in the delivery of high quality programmes through children’s services and academies that will improve the life skills of the young people and families they support.

To achieve this mission, we work in close partnership with Ormiston Families and Ormiston Academies Trust who are able to deliver effective programmes to the young people and families.

“We improve the life chances of children and young people by partnering with and investing in schools, charities and organisations who share our goals”


Ormiston Trust is committed to:

Value 1: Empower each other

  • We work with, not for people
  • We value parity, not charity
  • We support people to become more confident, self-reliant and engaged in decision-making

Value 2: Deliver results

  • We strive for continuous improvement of services in the organisations we support
  • We make the best use of resources
  • We are not afraid to fund and develop innovative projects that reflect our vision, mission and values

Value 3: Care for people

  • We develop caring and supportive relationships that foster wellbeing
  • We listen to and respond the views of our stakeholders

Value 4: Sustain success

  • We monitor our impacts as well as our outcomes and embed lessons learnt
  • We keep on living all the values so we can sustain success

Our History